PicoScope 4425 4-Channel Advanced Kit

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PicoScope 4425 4-Channel Advanced Kit
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Our 4–Channel Advanced Kit is the ultimate in vehicle diagnostics.

The 4–Channel Advanced Kit builds on the 4–Channel Standard Kit by also including our most popular optional accessories such as universal break–out leads, fuse extension leads and COP ignition pickup. When not in use, the scope and all accessories can be stored in the durable case.

The PicoScope 4423 can capture signals four times faster than any other PicoScope automotive scope - this makes it compatible with the new FlexRay standard and ensures your PicoScope oscilloscope will continue to be useful for a long time to come.

As well as capturing faster signals, the 4423 also outperforms other scopes thanks to the 32 Mbytes of always on memory. With 64 times the memory of the previous generation of scopes, the PicoScope 4423 ensures that you can effortlessly capture every detail of the signal. Never again will you miss those hard to find intermittent faults. The high ±100V input range of the PicoScope 4423 eliminates the need for external attenuators for most vehicle tests.

The 4-channel automotive advanced oscilloscope diagnostics kit contains the following items:

PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope PicoScope 4423  1
60A DC current clamp  2
600 A AC/DC current clamp  1
20:1 attenuator  4
TA000 BNC to 4mm test lead  4
Secondary ignition pickup  4
Spark plug leads  4
COP probe  1
BNC to BNC with earth COP lead  1
2-pin break out lead  1
Breakout cable small  1
Breakout cable medium  1
Breakout cable large  1
Fuse buddies ATC 1 
Fuse buddies mini ATC 1 
60 MHz oscilloscope probe  2
Multimeter probes  2 black, 2 red 
Small crocodile clips 2 black, 2 red 
Dolphin clips  1 black, 1 red 
Insulation piercing probes  1
Acupuncture probes  1
S-hook  1
Cable identifier kit 1
Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic CD-ROM  1
PicoScope Automotive software CD-ROM  1
Carry case  1

Documents available for download:
 Picotech "Automotive Diagnostics Kit Catalog"