EasyLog Cloud

View your realtime data from anywhere in the world with EasyLog Cloud - powered by FilesThruTheAir™.

Our Cloud service makes your sensor data universally accessible from any internet enabled device. You can manage your devices and make changes to any sensor setting remotely, including changing alarm levels. The Cloud can send you email alerts when alarms occur or if a device needs your attention.

The FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud is compatible with our entire range of EL-WiFi data loggers.


Features at a glance


Set-up in three easy steps

1. Select an EL-WiFi data logger

Choose from our range of temperature and temperature/humidity sensor devices.

Most older sensor devices can be Cloud enabled by performing a simple firmware update using our free software. Go to www.easylogcloud.com to get the latest firmware downloads.

2. Download, install and run our free software on your PC.

Go to www.easylogcloud.com to get the latest software downloads. Run the software and click on Sign-Up or Sign-In to get started with your Cloud account. We make no charge for our basic Cloud service. It’s FREE! Personal and Professional accounts also available.

3. Connect your EL-WiFi device to the Cloud

Use our easy-to-use software wizard to connect your EL-WiFi device to a WiFi network, then up to the Cloud.