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PicoScope 3203D Oscilloscope Kit

Pico Technology
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50 MHz 2-channel oscilloscope with Arbitrary Waveform Generator and function generator.
1 GS/s real-time sampling and 2.5 GS/s  repetitive sampling. 
64 M/Sample buffer size.

2 x 60 MHz oscilloscope probes (x1/x10) included.

Oscilloscopes in the PicoScope 3000 Series all feature a high-speed USB 3.0 interface, together with impressive sampling rates, high bandwidths and a very large buffer memory.

USB DrDAQ Kit (temp+pH+RH+scope probe)

Pico Technology
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This value pack represents outstanding value for money. Together with the  USB DrDAQ data logger and software, this pack also contains two  external temperature sensors, a pH electrode, an humidity sensor, and an oscilloscope probe.