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PicoScope 2205A 25MHz oscilloscope, two probes included

Pico Technology
PicoScope 2205A 25 MHz oscilloscope, two probes included
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Low Cost USB Oscilloskop.
Bandwidth 25 MHz, sample rate 200 MS/s, record length 16 K

2 x 60 MHz oscilloscope probes (x1/x10) included.

With the PicoScope 2205A ultra-compact USB oscilloscope you get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator all in one powerful and affordable device.

PicoScope 5242A USB-oscilloscope

Pico Technology
*** Special offer *** (while stock last)

PicoScope 5242A USB-oscilloscope with flexible resolution.

  • 2-hannel Oscilloscope 60 MHz bandwidth, 16 M/Sample buffer size.
  • 8 bits, 12 bits, 14 bits, 15 bits and 16 bits resolution.
  • Built-in function generator.
  • 2 x oscilloscope probes (x1/x10) and protective case for scope probes included.
High speed and high resolution. Breakthrough ADC technology switches from 8 to 16 bits in the same oscilloscope.