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USB DrDAQ pH måling-sættet hjælper dig med at foretage præcise og kontinuerlig pH-målinger.

Sammen med USB DrDAQ datalogger og software, indeholder denne pakke også en ekstern temperaturføler og en pH elektrode.

  • Måler den fulde pH-skala
  • Automatisk temperaturkompensation
  • Ingen strømforsyning nødvendig
  • Velegnet til brug både i laboratoriet og i marken

PH måle-kittet indeholder al den hardware og software, der er nødvendig for præcist at overvåge, registrere og analysere surhedsgraden af en opløsning ved hjælp af en PC.

The pH logger
The focal point of the kit is the pH logger which allows accurate pH measurements to be continuously measured and stored. The logger connects to the PC via the USB port and does not require an external power supply — making the pH Measuring Kit suitable for use both in the lab and in the field.

The pH logger uses PicoLog data acquisition software — a powerful yet flexible package that enables you to control both the frequency and quantity of measurements that are taken.

PicoLog allows the collected pH measurements to be viewed both during and after data collection, and in both spreadsheet and graphical formats. The data can then be printed, emailed or exported to other applications such as Excel.

PicoLog includes many other features — including the ability to set an alarm that will warn you if a pH value goes beyond a designated range — enabling the pH Measuring Kit to offer greater flexibility and performance than a standard pH meter.

Along with the pH logger the kit also includes a robust pH sensor that measures the full pH scale (0 to 14) together with a temperature sensor that measures temperatures from -10 to +105 °C.

Existing owners of a USB DrDAQ data logger can upgrade to a pH Measuring Kit by purchasing a pH sensor and a temperature sensor.

Automatic temperature compensation
Since pH values are temperature dependent, the pH Measuring Kit features Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). Using this practical solution the pH logger receives a continuous signal from a temperature sensor and automatically corrects the pH value based on the temperature of the solution.

An inexpensive answer to your data acquisition needs
By connecting suitable sensors the pH kit can also be used to measure other parameters such as temperature, light and sound — greatly expanding the capabilities of the kit.

The pH Measuring Kit is suitable for use in many industries and the educational sector, and provides accurate pH measurements and versatile pH data logging capabilities in an easy-to-use package.


DrDAQ data logger general specifications
Number of channels 14
Maximum sampling rate
Block mode
USB streaming

1 MS/s#
100 kHz#
Memory depth (block mode) 16 kS#
Memory depth (USB streaming)
Using the API

1 MS#
20 MS#

# Shared between active channels.

Oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer channel
Bandwidth 100 kHz
Resolution 8 bits
Input characteristics 1 MΩ
Input type Single-ended, BNC connector
Input coupling DC
Input ranges (full scale) ±1.25 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V
DC accuracy ±3%
Timebases 10 µs/div to 5000 s/div
Function generator/arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
Channels 1
Connector BNC
Standard waveforms Sine, square, triangle, ramp (up/down), DC level
Function generator frequency range DC to 20 kHz
Signal amplitude ±1.5 V
Signal offset ±1.5 V
AWG buffer size 4096 samples
AWG update rate 2 MS/s (maximum)
AWG resolution 10 bits
Built-in sensors/outputs
Channel Range Resolution Accuracy
Sound waveform ±100 ±0.2 not calibrated
Sound level 55 to 100 dBA 1 dBA 5 dBA
Temperature -10 to +70 °C 0.1 °C @ 25 °C 2 °C @ 25 °C
Light 0 to 100 0.1 not calibrated
RGB LED 16.7 million colours 8 bit x 3 not applicable
Analog inputs
Type Connector Range Resolution Accuracy
pH BNC 0 to 14 pH 0.02 pH Sensor calibration dependent
Redox/ORP BNC (shared with pH) ±2000 mV @ 1012 Ω 1.2 mV Sensor calibration dependent
Resistance Screw terminal 0 to 1 MΩ 250 Ω @ 10 k 5%
External sensors 3 x FCC68 4/4 Measure 0 to 2.5 V
(Also supply power to external sensors and identify sensor type via ID resistor.)
1 mV 1%
Configurable digital IO
Channels 4
Connector type Screw terminals
Input characteristics 0 to 5 V (Low:0- 0.8 V, High: 2 -5.5 V)
TTL compatible
Output characteristics 3.3 V, 2.2 kΩ output impedance
PWM output

<65535 µs
<65535 µs
1 µs
Available on 2 Digital IO channels
Pulse counting Up to 65535 counts @ 500 kHz
Available on 2 Digital IO channels
Physical properties
Dimensions 77 x 70 x 23 mm (approx 3 x 2.7 x 0.9 in)
(includes BNC connectors)
Weight 60 g (approx 2.1 oz)
PicoLog for Windows PicoLog data acquisition software can collect up to 1 million samples. Features include:
Multiple views — view data as a graph, spreadsheet or text
Parameter scaling — convert raw data into standard engineering units
Math functions — use mathematical equations to calculate additional parameters
Alarm limits — program an alert if a parameter goes out of a specified range
IP networking — transfer measurements via a LAN or over the Internet
Operating systems supported — Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) to Windows 10. Not Windows RT.
PicoLog languages Full support for: English, Français, Deutsch
Menus and dialogs only for: Italiano, Español, Svenska
PicoScope 6 for Windows PicoScope 6 is your complete test and measurement lab in one application. Features include:
Capture modes: oscilloscope, spectrum and persistence.
Channel maths: calculate the sum, difference, product, inverse or create your own custom function using standard arithmetic, exponential and trigonometric functions.
Mask limiting testing: pass/fail, failure count, total count.
Serial Decoding: decode data from a serial bus such as I²C.
Automated measurements
Scope mode: AC RMS, true RMS, cycle time, DC average, duty cycle, falling rate, fall time, frequency, high pulse width, low pulse width, maximum, minimum, peak–to–peak, rise time and rising rate.
Spectrum mode: frequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, total harmonic distortion (THD % and THD dB), total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N), spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR), signal+noise+distortion to signal+noise ratio (SINAD), signal to noise ratio (SNR) and intermodulation distortion (IMD).
Export data formats: comma separated values (CSV), tab delimited (TXT), Windows bitmap (BMP), graphics interchange format (GIF), portable network graphics (PNG), MATLAB 4 format (MAT).
Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10* (not Windows RT).
PicoScope languages Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Software Development Kit Includes example code. Download here.
Optional free software PicoScope 6 Beta for Linux and OS X. Drivers for Linux and OS X.

* PicoScope R6.11 and earlier and the SDKs are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) and Vista SP2 as well as the versions mentioned above.

Documentation languages
User’s guide
Programmer’s guide
Additional hardware (supplied) USB 2.0 cable, user manuals, software CD-ROM
PC interface USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 and USB 3.0 compatible; USB 1.1 will result in reduced performance)
Power requirements Powered from USB port
Compliance European EMC and LVD standards
FCC Rules Part 15 Class A
RoHS compliant