TH-03 temperatur datalogger

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  • 3 channel temperature data logger
  • High accuracy at a low cost
  • No power supply required
  • Supplied with PicoLog data acquisition software
  • Works with EnviroMon sensors (temperature, light, door switch)
  • RS232 and USB interface


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Se PICO TC-08 USB for erstatning

TH-03 Temperature Data Logger with RS232 and USB interface.

The TH-03 temperature data logger provides high accuracy temperature data logging at a low cost.

The TH-03 allows up to 3 channels of temperature to be recorded onto your PC. It uses precision resistive sensors to give an accuracy that was previously only obtainable using expensive platinum PT100 sensors.

The TH-03 temperature data logger is very easy to use — just plug the TH-03 into the serial port on your computer, connect up to three sensors and you are ready to start collecting data.

For temperature data logging the easy-to-use, Windows based, PicoLog data acquisition software is supplied — allowing you to collect and store data with the minimum amount of effort.

Along with precision temperature sensors, the TH-03 may also be used with the EL031 light level sensor to check light levels, and the EL029 door switch sensor to record the position of a door — making the TH-03 a versatile logger that, along with temperature data logging, is also suited for use in home automation and environmental monitoring.

No of channels 3
Resolution 0.003 °C
Conversion time 2 seconds for calibration +1 second per active channel
Range -30 °C to 70 °C (using standard sensor)
Accuracy ±0.3 °C (Over -40 to 30 °C range)
Output RS232 or USB (converter supplied)
Dimensions 125 x 60 x 30 mm
Supplied software PicoLog data acquisition software
Drivers and examples (C, Delphi and Visual Basic, Labview, Agilent VEE6.1 and Excel)
Software is supplied on CD and is compatible with Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32- and 64-bit)