Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D

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Motorstyringssystemer i biler bliver mere og mere sofistikerede. Når disse sofistikerede systemerfejler, er det nødvendigt med sofistikeret måleudstyr at lokalisere årsagen til problemet. Med TiePie Engineering Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D får bilspecialisten alle nødvendige værktøjer til at udføre de fleste diagnostiske tests for at finde problemet, alt sammen bekvemt pakket i en beskyttende kuffert.

Et ATS610004D diagnostik kit indeholder følgende produkter:

Automotive scope ATS610004D 1
Measure lead TP-C1812B 4
Back Probe TP-BP85 - Set 1
Ignition Pickup TP-IP250 2
Current clamp TP-CC80 1
Current clamp TP-CC600 1
Accelerometer TP-ACC20 1
Differential attenuator TP-DA10 4
Alligator Clip TP-AC50B Set 1
ATIS Lite, Automotive Test and Information System 1
Carry case BB451 1

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 Brochure for Automotive Diagnostics Kit

The Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D contains a selection of TiePie automotive products neatly packed in a protective carry case.

Automotive oscilloscope
Heart of the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D is the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG. This PC oscilloscope turns your computer into a sophisticated automotive diagnostic system. Equipped with four differential inputs, this automotive oscilloscope guarantees measuring multiple signals without the risk of creating short circuits through the oscilloscope. This compact automotive oscilloscope is USB powered, which makes it easy to connect it to a laptop computer and perform measurements while driving the vehicle. The large input range, the long memory buffers and high maximum sampling rate make it the possible to capture almost any automotive signal. The built in SureConnect connection test feature on each channel informs whether the test points have electrical connection to test subject, leaving no doubt whether there is no connection or no signal.

Automotive Test and Information System
The ATIS Automotive Test and Information System is a large knowledge base with information on almost all electrical and electronic components that are used in the motor management system of a car. In an intuitive graphical environment background information on sensors and actuators can be found, as well as detailed schematics, diagnosis instructions, component locations with photographs of most available cars and example signals for proper functioning components. The unique point of ATIS is the direct coupling between the diagnosis instructions with the example signals to the measuring instrument. One click of the mouse in ATIS will launch the automotive measurement software and load the specific settings to measure on the particular component. The mechanic can focus on finding the problem, he does not need to find out how to setup the instrument.

The Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D is delivered with free ATIS Lite. As an extension to ATIS Lite, ATIS Pro can be ordered. ATIS Pro contains an extensive database with more schematics, connection diagrams and oscilloscope settings with reference signals.

Measuring leads
To connect the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG to the automotive circuits, the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D contains a set of four special measuring leads. The Measure lead TP-C1812B is a 3 meter long low noise BNC to 4 mm banana measuring lead, specifically designed to be used on differential oscilloscope inputs. The two ends of the Measure lead TP-C1812B with the banana plugs can be placed 2 meters apart, without picking up external disturbances. The length of 3 meter allows to connect the instrument to components under the hood while the instrument is located on the passenger seat, making it possible to perform measurement while driving. The measuring lead is made of silicone, making it heat resistant and oil resistant, perfectly suitable for automotive applications. The 4 mm banana plugs make it possible to connect a variety of test points or clamps.

Current clamps
To measure large currents, like e.g. starting currents, a Current clamp TP-CC600 is included in the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D. The Current clamp TP-CC600 makes it possible to measure current with your automotive oscilloscope, without the need of breaking the circuit. Simply clamp the Current clamp TP-CC600 around the wire and measure the current, up to 600 A. Current measurements can reveal problems that with a voltage pattern remain hidden, like e.g. compression problems that are visible in the starting current.

Many components draw far less than 600 A, making the also in the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D included 80 A Current clamp TP-CC80 a more suitable current clamp. It will measure up to 80 A, giving a much higher accuracy at low currents than the Current clamp TP-CC600. Use it to reveal problems in driving injectors, measuring leakage currents etc.

Back probes
The Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D contains a set of Back Probe TP-BP85s. These thin and flexible measuring probes fit on any test lead with 4 mm banana plugs and make it possible to connect to hard to reach places. They allow to back probe wires in connectors, without breaking the circuit, without the need of break out boxes and without damaging the wire isolation. The set contains 8 probes, four black ones, a red, a yellow, a green and a blue one, matching the input channel color coding of the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG.

Ignition pickups
To safely measure the high voltage secondary ignition signals, the Ignition Pickup TP-IP250 is added to the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D. Simply clamp the Ignition Pickup TP-IP250 around a spark plug cable and measure the secondary ignition signals, both from normal ignition systems and DIS ignition systems. Two pickups are included.

Accelerometer and manual trigger button
The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 is a dual axis accelerometer combined with a manual trigger button. It can be connected to the extension connector at the rear of the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG and two input channels.

The dual accelerometer measures accelerations up to 2 g in two planes. It can be used to measure vibrations in mechanical systems, but is can also be used to determine the maximum power of an engine, without the need of expensive equipment. Attach the acceleration sensor to the floor of the car and accelerate at full power. Using the weight of the car and the measured signal, the power can then be calculated by the software.

The manual trigger button can be used to trigger the automotive oscilloscope when the input signals are unknown. Connect the automotive oscilloscope to the sensors you want to check and start driving the car. As soon as the problem occurs, e.g. the engine holding back, press the manual trigger button. The automotive oscilloscope will now measure the signals and store them. Since the oscilloscope can store the signals before pressing the trigger button, later examination of the signals will show how the problem developed.

The manual trigger button can be used independently from the accelerometer.

Differential attenuators
The 80 V full scale input range of the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG and Automotive scope ATS5004D makes it possible to measure almost any automotive signal. In case the voltage exceeds 80 V, the Differential attenuator TP-DA10 can be used to increase the input range of the automotive lab scope. This special differential attenuator attenuates the input signal by a factor 10. It can be used when measuring e.g. primary ignition signals or fuel injector signals. The Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D contains a Differential attenuator TP-DA10 for each channel of the lab scope.

Alligator clips
In order to connect to various types of terminals where the Back Probe TP-BP85 cannot be used, the Alligator Clip TP-AC50B Set is included. Small enough to be used in narrow places, but enough clamping range to clamp on larger objects. Five clips are included in the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D.

Convenient carry case
The Carry case BB451 is a convenient case for safely carrying your automotive tools. It offers dedicated storage locations for all parts of the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ATS610004D, like the Automotive scope ATS610004D-XMSG and all accessories like measure leads, current clamps, test probes, ignition probes etc.