PicoScope 4225 2-kanal auto oscilloskop

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PicoScope 4225 2-kanal auto oscilloskop
  • Beskrivelse
  • Mere information
  • 2 kanaler
  • Op til 400 MS/s realtids-sample rate
  • Op til 20 MHz båndbredde
  • 250.000.000 sample hukommelse
  • ± 200 V maksimale input
  • Uafhængige svævende indgange
  • ConnectDetect ™ for pålidelig probing
  • Ingen strømforsyning nødvendig
  • USB 2.0 eller 3.0-forbindelse til hurtige skærmopdateringer
  • Beskyttet mod overbelastning og kortslutning
  • CAN-bus og FlexRay kompatibel
  • Kan bruges i forbindelse med ethvert køretøj
  • Let at anvende
  • Inkluderer PicoScope Automotive software
  • Gratis software opdateringer
  • 24 måneders reklamationsret
  • Gratis teknisk support

PicoScope 4225 2-kanal automotiv oscilloskop ("Labscope")

PicoScope 4000 oscilloskoper er designet til at spare dig tid og penge ved at gøre det lettere og hurtigere at diagnosticere nutidens moderne biler.

PicoScope 4000-serien er den mest avancerede program af PicoScope lab skoper der er tilgængelig og kan købes separat eller som del af et auto-kit.

When you buy a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope you get industry-leading performance that is both affordable and easy to use. With the introduction of the PicoScope 4225 and 4425, all aspects of performance have been improved – but the price remains the same!

Unlike most digital storage oscilloscopes, which typically have 8-bit vertical resolution and poor DC accuracy, Pico automotive oscilloscopes are accurate to 1% and have 12-bit resolution. This gives a vertical resolution of 4000 ‘dots’ compared to the usual 100 or 200 of most other automotive scopes.

As well as the high vertical resolution, Pico automotive oscilloscopes also feature large memory buffers – making it possible for you to capture large, complex signals, automatically trigger on any event and then expand areas of interest to show the fine detail of the signals.

  • High resolution and precision
  • Large sample memory allows waveform detail to be expanded
  • Unlimited storage of waveforms and settings
  • Advanced trigger modes capture intermittent faults
  • Free software updates and technical support

PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes are specifically designed for use only in automotive applications. With features such as high resolution and accuracy, a large memory buffer, and a high-speed USB connection, PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes offer unrivalled performance, and are suitable for use in the most demanding automotive applications.

You can purchase a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope on its own, or as part of an Automotive Diagnostics Kit. These simple to use kits contain everything you need to turn your PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool.

PicoScope 4425 and 4225 Diagnostic Scopes
PicoScope 4000 series oscilloscopes are designed to save you time and money by making it easier and quicker to diagnose faults on today’s modern vehicles.

Faster sampling
The latest PicoScopes can capture signals faster than ever; with sampling rates of up to 400 million samples per second, there is nothing that can escape the scrutiny of PicoScope. It can capture CAN and FlexRay signals, and has the speed to handle future needs as vehicle technology changes.

More memory
As well as capturing faster signals, the PicoScope 4000 series also outperforms other scopes thanks to the 250 million samples of ‘always on’ memory. PicoScope ensures that you can effortlessly capture every detail of the signal. Never again will you miss those hard–to–find intermittent faults.

Higher input range
The high ±200 V input range of the PicoScope 4000 series eliminates the need for external attenuators for most vehicle tests.

Independent floating inputs
A major innovation on the 4425 are the independent floating inputs; think of it as 4 separate 1-channel oscilloscopes in a box all sharing the same timebase and control. This means that all inputs can be used in differential mode (e.g. CAN_H and CAN_L signals), or across non-grounded components such as 12V injectors or for voltage drop testing using a single input.

(Maximum 30V common mode voltage difference between channel grounds.)

The new PicoScope 4225 and 4425 scopes include a handy feature to detect when you have made a good connection. When you are trying to probe in those difficult to reach places, the new PicoScopes can display the connection status on your big screen ensuring fewer frustrations with poor connections.

Sorry - we keep making it even easier to use
Thanks to the familiar graphical user interface, help files and reference library, using your PicoScope 4000 series diagnostic oscilloscope is as easy as ever. If you’re an existing PicoScope user you can just connect your scope and benefit immediately from the power and performance of your new PicoScope 4000 Series scope. If you’ve never used a PicoScope oscilloscope before you can get started without needing to spend hours reading manuals.

The PicoScope for the new generation of vehicles
The fast sampling speeds, large memory and high bandwidth of the PicoScope 4000 Series means that not only is it suitable for use on all current vehicles, but it will continue to be of use in diagnosing faults with the complex electrical and electronic systems that will be found on new and future generations of vehicles.
Buy your PicoScope 4425 Automotive Oscilloscope online or from your local Pico distributor.

The PicoScope 4225 and 4425 are the most advanced range of PicoScope lab scopes available and can be purchased separately or as part of an automotive kit.

Documents available for download:
 PicoScope 4225 & 4425 2 & 4 Channel automotive oscilloscope data sheet