Strømtang (2000A/200A (AC/DC)

Pico Technology
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This current clamp is suitable for measuring currents of upto 2000 A DC or 1500 A AC and is terminated in a BNC connector.

The 2000A/200A heavy duty current clamp allows you to measure up to 2000A without cutting, disconnecting or stripping the wire. It is ideal for measuring the high currents drawn by the starter motor of commercial vehicles and large engine passenger cars.

This clamp can replace both the existing PP266 (600A), and PP253 (2000A) clamps with improved sensitivity, lower noise and faster response. The TA167 features a 200A mode for better performance at lower currents and has an improved jaw size. It also features an auto power-down facility to save battery life when not in use (this feature can be disabled for battery drain / shutdown current testing).

Using advanced Hall Effect sensors for improved sensitivity and high external field rejection, the TA167 delivers a breakthrough in range and accuracy to meet the challenges of modern vehicles and particularly diesel engines.

These current clamps have been designed for use with PicoScope oscilloscopes and feature additional screening to reduce noise pickup.

Range 0 - 1500A AC
0 - 2000A DC
Output voltage 1mV per 1A
AC Frequency Range 50Hz to 400Hz