Backpinning Probe Set

MT008 is a back pinning probe
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MT008 is a back pinning probe.

First and foremost the MT008 is a back pinning probe. In fact, it’s the smallest diameter back pinning probe that we know of. This is essential for probing today's small, fragile connector. It is also very sharp, so it slides past connector seals with ease. This product solves most of the problems associated with traditional back-pinning methods.

The MT008 is a piercing probe
 Secondly, the MT008 is a piercing probe. Its small diameter, extra sharp pin makes it ideal for piercing the insulation on small gauge wires where traditional piercing tools might cause damage.
The MT008 is field repairable
 And finally, here's the best part. Don't you just hate it when you are using a back pinning probe and it bends or breaks? Before the TA008 came along, this meant that you had to buy a whole new back-probe. Not with the MT008; it's repairable. If the pin becomes damaged or useless in any way, simply take your pocket screwdriver, remove the set screw, pull out the old pin and install the new one! There's no need to replace the whole probe.

  • 5 Complete acupuncture probes
  • 2 Screws
  • 20 Replacement needles