TiePie TiePieSCOPE HS805

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  • 1 GSamples/second sampling rate
  • 250 MHz bandwidth
  • 32 MiSamples memory per channel
  • 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 200 MSamples/s2 Channels
  • USB 2.0

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TiePieSCOPE HS805 USB Multi-Instrument (DSO, AWG, Spectrum Analyzer, Voltmeter, Transient Recorder).

The TiePieSCOPE HS805 is a portable USB oscilloscope that combines a high sampling speed (1 GSamples/s on one channel, 500 MSamples/sec on two channels) with a long record of 32 MiSamples per channel. That allows you to capture long, complex signal patterns at full speed. The 250 MHz high bandwidth ensures that the signals are measured accurately and without distortion.

An Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) is also available. It allows to generate several standard predefined signals like sine wave, square wave etc. with frequencies up to 20 MHz. It also allows to generate complex user defined signals or to regenerate previously measured signals. The AWG has a 32 MiSamples waveform buffer and a maximum sampling frequency of 200 MHz.

Both an analog and a digital (TTL) external trigger input are located at the rear of the instrument. The analog external trigger input features the same input ranges as the normal input channels.

The TiePieSCOPE HS805 comes standard with the versatile Multi Channel software that allows to do measurements in a quick and convenient way. With the software, the TiePieSCOPE HS805 can be operated as:

  • storage oscilloscope
  • spectrum analyzer
  • voltmeter
  • transient recorder
  • function generator

The captured data can be viewed in many different ways, in a single graph or in multiple views, each displaying the required property of the measured data. It also allows to perform mathematical operations on the measured data, like adding, subtracting, multiplying, integrating, differentiating, filtering etc. This can be as simple as adding two signals together and display the result in a graph, or it can be very complex. Complex mathematical operations can be performed by combining several mathematical operations. Measured data can be printed and saved to disk in various common data formats.

Besides measuring in block mode, the TiePieSCOPE HS805 is also capable of performing continuous streaming measurements. This will create a continuous uninterrupted data stream to the computer. The data can then be displayed on the screen and/or saved to disk.

The TiePieSCOPE HS805 is delivered with 2 1:1 - 1:10 switchable oscilloscope probes, Windows software and user manuals.

Documents available for download:
 TiePieSCOPE HS805 - Brochure (1.59 MB)