Feedthrough terminator

Pico Technology
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TA051 feedthrough terminator er en koaksial terminator med BNC-stik. Den er nyttigt til at forbinde signaler fra 50-ohm kilder til instrumenter med høj impedans input, såsom oscilloskoper.

Usage note
The TA050 attenuators must be used with a matched 50-ohm source and load. If you wish to attenuate a signal before feeding it into a high-impedance measuring instrument, you must add a 50-ohm feedthrough terminator such as the Pico Technology TA051 feedthrough terminator. 

Figure 1: Using with a 50 Ω load

Figure 2: Using with a high-impedance load such as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser or frequency counter

Bandwidth DC to 1 GHz
Maximum power dissipation 1 W
Input impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions 56 x 20 x 17 mm (approximately 2.2 x 0.8 x 0.7 in)
Connectors BNC, 1 male + 1 female
Construction Shielded inner box with plastic shell
Weight 24 g (approximately 0.85 oz) each
Connectors BNC, 1 male + 1 female