Strømtang (60A AC/DC)

Pico Technology
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The TA018 current probe can measure currents from 10 mA up to 60 A with a switch-selectable high and low range. A simple pushbutton is included for zero adjustment when measuring DC current.

The TA018 current clamp is ideal for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes for measuring currents between 10 mA and 60 A. This enables the PicoScope to display current waveforms for fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

The current clamp has two calibration settings, set by a slider switch on the handle of the probe.

  • 1 mV/10 mA (100 mV = 1 A)
    use this for testing currents up to 20 A.
  • 1 mV/100 mA (10 mV = 1 A)
    use this for testing current up to 60 A.

In use there is no need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

These current clamps have been designed for use with PicoScope oscilloscopes and feature additional screening to reduce noise pickup.

Current Range 10mA to 60A
DCA Range: 1mV/10mA ±(1.5%±5mA) 10mA~20A
DCA Range: 1mV/100mA ±(2%±20mA) 100mA~40A
±(4%±0.3A) 40A~60A
 ACA Range: 1 mV/10mA  ±(2%±5mA)10mA~10A (40Hz~2kHz)
±(4%±30mA)10mA~10A (2kHz~10kHz)
±(6%±30mA)10mA~10A (10kHz~20kHz)
±(8%±30mA)10A~15A (40Hz~20kHz)
 ACA Range: 1mV/100mA  ±(2%±30mA) 100mA~40A (40Hz~1kHz)
±(4%±30mA) 100mA~40A (1kHz~2kHz)
±(6%±30mA) 100mA~40A (3kHz~5kHz)
±(8%±0.3mA) 40A~60A (40Hz~5kHz)
AC Frequency Range Up to 20kHz
Max Conductor Size 9mm