Differential oscilloskop probe X10/X100

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The TA041 is an active differential oscilloscope probe. The probe permits the measurement of signals which are not referenced to earth using a conventional earthed oscilloscope. This enables mains voltages to be tested. It is possible to measure and observe the waveforms of three phase supplies or the gate / control signals of semiconductor circuits. It is ideal for investigation of motor speed controls, uninterruptible power supplies, switch mode power supplies and process controllers.

Attenuation ranges 10:1 / 100:1
Input Voltage± 70V dc Inc Pk (10:1) ± 70V dc Inc Pk (10:1)
± 700V dc Inc Pk (100:1)
Max differential ac @ 10:1 or 50V rms Cat III ± 700V dc Inc P
kac @ 100:1 or 500V rms Cat III ± 2400V dc Inc Pk
Bandwidth dc to 25MHz (-3dB)
Accuracy ± 2%
Rise time 14ns
Input impedance 4M Ohm / 5.5pF each side to ground
Power requirements 4 x AA cells or 6V / 60mA dc mains adapter