Auto tilbehør


60 MHz oscilloskop Probe X1/X10

Pico Technology

This high quality, general purpose oscilloscope probe has a 60 MHz  bandwidth. A two position slide switch allows attenuation of either x1 or x10 to be selected.

Auto testledninger

Pico Technology

The TA000 test lead has been custom made for automotive use with the PicoScope. Its long length (3 meters / approx 10 ft) allows the oscilloscope to be placed on the work bench away from the car being tested / repaired. A wide range of probes, clips and gators can be plugged into the 4mm connectors at the end of the cable. The cable is fully screened to reduce noise pickup.

10:1 Attenuator

Pico Technology

High bandwidth and fault protected 10:1 attenuator for use with the PicoScope 4225 and 4425 (and other scopes).

It has high input impedence to reduce load on the circuit being measured

20:1 Attenuator

Pico Technology
The TA010 has been designed to allow fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms to be measured using PicoScope oscilloscope products.

The TA010 is a passive 20:1 attenuator. This means that a 20V signal at its input will appear as a 1V signal on the output. As the signal is attenuated, the TA010 allows voltages of up to 300 V to be measured.

Please note this attenuator should not be used for any high voltage measurements other than fuel injectors and primary ignition.

Multimeter Probes

Pico Technology

The multimeter probes offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection is not required. A test lead can be connected straight into the 4mm socket in the handle of the probe.


Backpinning Probe Set

Pico Technology
The TA008 is a back pinning probe.
First and foremost the TA008 is a back pinning probe. In fact, it’s the smallest diameter back pinning probe that we know of. This is essential for probing today's small, fragile connector. It is also very sharp, so it slides past connector seals with ease. This product solves most of the problems associated with traditional back-pinning methods.

Flexible back-pinning Probes

Pico Technology

Like the probes in the TA008, these probes are designed for back-probing under the insulation of multi-plug terminals. The TA161 and TA162 have flexible bends to improve access to difficult areas. Each probe fits onto the 4mm plug of our BNC to 4mm test leads.

Note that, unlike the probes in the TA008, the probe tips are not replaceable.

Piercing clips

Pico Technology

The insulation piercing test clips allow the user to provide the exact pressure needed to pierce the insulation of a wide range of wire types and sizes. The clips also feature a rotating banana jack that prevents the test lead from twisting and allows the test equipment to be kept in the circuit while the wire is pierced, providing immediate confirmation that contact with the conductor has been made.

Small crocodile (Gator) clips

Pico Technology

The crocodile (gator) clips are fully insulated with a 4mm socket in the handle, offering an easy connection to a test lead. The toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire, with a 11mm jaw opening limit.

Large Dolphin (Gator) clips

Pico Technology

The 4mm socket in the back of the Dolphin clip offers an easy connection to a test lead. The toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire, with a 30mm opening diameter limit.

BNC plug to 4mm adapter

Pico Technology

BNC plug to 4mm adapter

Strømtang (60A AC/DC)

Pico Technology

This improved version of the PP218 features superior noise rejection and is terminated in a BNC connector.

Secondary Ignition Pickup

Pico Technology

Due to the high voltages involved in secondary ignition systems, it is not possible to make measurements by direct connection; attempting to make a direct connection will almost certainly damage the measuring instrument.

The PP178 is a capacitive pickup that simply connects around the insulation of an ignition circuit component such as a plug wire — this avoids the need for direct connection.

Coil-On-Plug Ignition Probe

Pico Technology
Designed to save you time, effort and money, the Pico Coil-On-Plug Ignition Probe is the fastest way to test both conventional and coil-on-plug secondary ignition systems.
The Pico Coil-On-Plug Ignition Probe eliminates the need for back-probing or any dismantling — to use the probe simply press it against the coil.

BNC to BNC Cable with Earth Clamp

Pico Technology
3 metre (9 ft 10 in) BNC socket to BNC socket cable with earth clamp for use with the Coil-On-Plug Ignition Probe (PP338).

Coil-On-Plug Extension Lead

Pico Technology
Coil-on-Plug extension leads are the simple accessory that allow you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on Coil-on-Plug ignition systems.

Coil-on-Plug extension leads are designed to aid diagnostics on secondary ignition circuits by allowing an HT measurement to be made when there is no, or limited, access to any spark plug leads. The leads are specifically designed for use with the PP178 Secondary Ignition Pickup.

2-Pin Automotive Breakout Lead

Pico Technology
The TA012 breakout lead enables voltage readings to be taken from the numerous sensors in the engine compartment. The breakout lead is simply connected into the existing cable loom, and the output signal can then be taken from the two 4 mm banana plugs into the automotive oscilloscope using the TA000 test lead.
Note: A TA000 test lead will be required to convert the 4 mm banana plug connection on the TA012 into a BNC connector suitable for plugging into the PicoScope.