Resolution Enhancement

Resolution enhancement is a technique for increasing the effective vertical resolution of the scope at the expense of high–frequency detail. Selecting resolution enhancement does not change the scope’s sampling rate or the amount of data available.

For this technique to work, the signal must contain a very small amount of Gaussian noise, but for many practical applications this is generally taken care of by the scope itself and the noise inherent in normal signals.

The resolution enhancement feature is a flat moving–average filter. This acts as a low–pass filter with good step response characteristics and a very slow roll–off from the pass–band to the stop–band.

Resolution enhancement is available for all Pico USB PC Oscilloscopes using PicoScope 6 software and adds up to 4 bits to the effective resolution of a scope. For example, it can boost the effective resolution of a PicoScope 6000 Series scope from 8 bits to 12 bits, and the 12–bit PicoScope 4000 Series high–resolution scopes can deliver up to 16 effective bits. The resolution enhancement is selectable in increments of 0.5 bit.

Enhanced resolution in PicoScope 6