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PicoScope 2407B 70MHz 4-channel oscilloscope

Pico Technology
PicoScope 2407B 70 MHz 4-channel oscilloscope
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70 MHz 4-channel oscilloscope with Arbitrary Waveform Generator and function generator.
1 GS/s real-time sampling and 10 GS/s  repetitive sampling. 
64 M/Sample buffer size.

4 x 150 MHz oscilloscope probes (x1/x10) included.

The PicoScope 2407B is a 70MHz 4-channel oscilloscope that also features built-in spectrum analysis, function/arbitrary waveform generation and serial bus analysis. Sampling at a maximum of 1GSa/s, the 2407B has a buffer memory of 64Msamples and a sophisticated 1MHz AWG signal generator. 15 automatic measurements are available in scope mode and another 11 in spectrum mode. Serial decoding (normally an extra cost on benchtop scopes) is included free for SPI, I2C, FlexRay, CANbus, LINbus, ARINC, and others. The PicoScope 2407B delivers excellent value for money, with excellent waveform visualization and measurement, as well as fast waveform update rates, giving the performance needed for advanced analysis of waveforms, including serial decoding and frequency plots.