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PicoScope 2205A 25 MHz oscilloskop incl. 2 prober

Pico Technology
PicoScope 2205A 25 MHz oscilloskop incl. 2 prober
*** November tilbud *** (gælder så længe lager haves)

Lavpris USB-oscilloskop.
Båndbredde 25 MHz, sample rate 200 MS/s, rekord længde 16K

2 x 60 MHz 60 MHz oscilloskopprober (x1/X10) inkluderet.

Med det ultrakompakt USB oscilloskop PicoScope 2205A, får du et oscilloskop, spektrum analysator og Funktions- og arbitrary waveform generator, alt sammen i én kraftfuld og økonomisk overkommelig enhed.

150 MHz oscilloskop Probe X1/X10

Pico Technology
*** Tilbud *** (gælder så længe lager haves)

The TA132 is a 150 MHz low-cost, general-purpose passive high-impedance oscilloscope probe designed for use with oscilloscopes. It is calibrated to work effectively with instruments that have an input impedance of 1 MΩ. A two-position slide switch on the probe handle allows the attenuation ratio to be switched between 10:1 and 1:1. The small box adjacent to the BNC plug contains two adjustable resistors that enable high-frequency trimming.

The probe is equipped with a basic accessory pack including a retractable hook tip, compensation adjustment tool, IC insulation cap, insulating cap, a ground spring, BNC adapter and a ground lead.