BNC Attenuatorer og terminatorer

MicroTec attenuators allow you to increase the input range of your oscilloscope, or reduce the output level of fixed-amplitude signal sources. Pico terminators are useful for connecting signals from low-impedance sources into instruments with high-impedance inputs, such as oscilloscopes.


20:1 Attenuator

Pico Technology
The TA010 has been designed to allow fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms to be measured using PicoScope oscilloscope products.

The TA010 is a passive 20:1 attenuator. This means that a 20V signal at its input will appear as a 1V signal on the output. As the signal is attenuated, the TA010 allows voltages of up to 300 V to be measured.

Please note this attenuator should not be used for any high voltage measurements other than fuel injectors and primary ignition.


Pico Technology

TA050 attenuator sættet består af fire koaksiale attenuatorere beregnet til brug med signaler på op til 1 GHz. Hver attenuator har et han og et hun BNC-stik.