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The TiePieSCOPE HS801 AWG, TP801-ISA AWG, TP801-PCI AWG and the Handyscope HS3 are equipped with an arbitrary waveform generator.

The function generator offers five default signal shapes: sine wave, triangle, square, DC and white noise. The selected signal shape is immediately shown in the display of the generator.

The amplitude of the signal can be freely set between 0 V and 12 V peak. A DC offset between 0 and 12 V (TP801: 10 V) can be applied to the signal. Also the symmetry of the signal can be changed, from 1% to 99%. The frequency of the signal can be set from almost 0 to 2 MHz.

The function generator also offers a sweep function. The sweep function operates together with the spectrum analyzer. It can be set manually but it can also copy the sweep limits from the lower frequency and higher frequency from the spectrum analyzer. Together with the "measure maximum values" mode from the spectrum analyzer this gives a fast and easy way to create frequency response graphs.

It is also posible to generate a signal that was previously measured using the oscilloscope. With the File button a signal file can be loaded into the function generator memory. The generator will then generate this signal, whilst the amplitude, and frequency, can still be adjusted.

Eight user definable presets are available, in which often used signals can be stored. With a single click on a button the required signal is generated.