Oscilloscope Voltmeter Transient recorder Spectrum analyzer Generator


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The voltmeter is the ideal instrument for generating all the voltage related information (and more) that is needed, while the oscilloscope and/or the spectrum analyzer can still be used at the same time. This provides a quick insight in the input signal's characteristics.

Key specifications of the voltmeter are:

  • up to six fully configurable displays
  • a bar graph with each display for a quick signal size overview
  • each display provides for 11 different mathematical operations on the measured data
    True RMS
    Peak to Peak
    Mean value
    Maximum value
    Minimum value
    Power value
    Crest factor
    Duty cycle
    Momentary value

  • the calculated value for each display can be displayed in 16 different ways:
    Ch1 + Ch2
    Ch1 - Ch2
    Ch2 - Ch1
    Ch1 * Ch2
    Ch1 / Ch2
    Ch2 / Ch1
    log(Ch1 / Ch2)
    log(Ch2 / Ch1)
    Minimum value
    Maximum value
    > then HI
    < then LO
    <> HI LO
    >< COMP
  • disk or printer logging with an adjustable interval between the measurements. Measurements logged to disk can be read back into the oscilloscope or transient recorder.
  • all settings of the displays are accessible through popup menus, obtained by pressing the right mouse button on top of a display
  • simultaneous use with the oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer