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For most TiePie engineering computer controlled measuring instruments, Windows based software is available. With this software, the instrument can be used as:

 The Windows based software allows to have more than one device active at the same time: seeing the signal shape and the frequency spectrum of a signal at the same time! The measuring instruments are controlled by means of mouse, keyboard and popup menus. All functions are accessible through menus and through a conveniently arranged speedbutton toolbar. The clearly structured software allows the inexperienced user to carry out measurements within a few minutes.

The software supports various languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Yugoslavian, Japanese and Chinese. Just a simple mouse click changes the language of the application on the fly.

From all devices in the software you can save the measured data, in a space saving binary format and in a comma separated ascii format which can easily be read in other applications like spread sheet programs. The saved measured data can also be read back from disk to perform further examination.

All instrument settings can be saved to disk and in a later stage read back into the instrument. This reduces the setting time of the instrument to an absolute minimum. Together with the saved waveforms this can be used to create a library of often performed measurements with example signals.

The software can perform Auto Disk measurements: set the instrument up to measure an event that occurs at unpredicted moments. When the event occurs, a measurement is taken and stored to disk, together with date and time. Then the software will wait for the next time the event occurs and capture it.

For documentation purposes, the software has three ways of commenting the measurements:

three lines of common text that appears on each printout
three lines of measurement related text
fully configurable comment tags to mark specific events in the measured data
The hardcopy function gives a clear printout of the measured and displayed signal, in color if the printer supports color printing.

Windows software is only available for:

To download software, goto the download area.