Testledninger, clips og prober

MicroTec har et program af prøveledninger med en række forskellige stik, der passer til næsten enhver behov for test og måling.


Auto testledninger

Pico Technology

The TA000 test lead has been custom made for automotive use with the PicoScope. Its long length (3 meters / approx 10 ft) allows the oscilloscope to be placed on the work bench away from the car being tested / repaired. A wide range of probes, clips and gators can be plugged into the 4mm connectors at the end of the cable. The cable is fully screened to reduce noise pickup.

Multimeter Probes

Pico Technology

The multimeter probes offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection is not required. A test lead can be connected straight into the 4mm socket in the handle of the probe.


Flexible back-pinning Probes

Pico Technology

These probes are designed for back-probing under the insulation of multi-plug terminals. The TA161 and TA162 have flexible bends to improve access to difficult areas. Each probe fits onto the 4mm plug of our BNC to 4mm test leads.

Small crocodile (Gator) clips

Pico Technology

The crocodile (gator) clips are fully insulated with a 4mm socket in the handle, offering an easy connection to a test lead. The toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire, with a 11mm jaw opening limit.

Large Dolphin (Gator) clips

Pico Technology

The 4mm socket in the back of the Dolphin clip offers an easy connection to a test lead. The toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire, with a 30mm opening diameter limit.

Piercing clips

Pico Technology

The insulation piercing test clips allow the user to provide the exact pressure needed to pierce the insulation of a wide range of wire types and sizes. The clips also feature a rotating banana jack that prevents the test lead from twisting and allows the test equipment to be kept in the circuit while the wire is pierced, providing immediate confirmation that contact with the conductor has been made.

BNC plug to 4mm adapter

Pico Technology

BNC plug to 4mm adapter

BNC plug to 4mm plugs (1.2m)

Pico Technology

Test lead - BNC plug to 4mm plugs (1.2m)

BNC plug to crocodile clips (1.2m)

Pico Technology

Test lead - BNC plug to crocodile clips (1.2m)

BNC plug to BNC plug (1.8m)

Pico Technology

Test lead - BNC plug to BNC plug (1.8m)

USB Type-C to Standard-A (f) adaptor, 0.14 m

Pico Technology

USB Type-C is a new cable and connector standard that allows smaller USB devices and faster data transfers. It also simplifies the connection process with just the one type of reversible connector on both ends of a reversible cable.

The TA285 is a high-quality USB Type-C SuperSpeed to USB Standard-A (f) adaptor for use with any USB-connected PicoScope oscilloscope, or PicoLog data logger, and a Type-C port on a laptop or PC. Overall length of the adaptor is 139 mm.